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Termites live in colonies, which are assemblages of different individuals with definite functions of task. The size of colony varies from few hundred to a few thousands or even millions, as in mounding building spices.

Termites have thin cuticles and are therefore susceptible to desiccation. They spend most of their lives in high humidity and temperature conditions within their workings and colony.

Termites can be divided into three categories     

Subterranean- Nest normally found underground, in buildings, under patios and in the base of trees The workings between underground tunnels and above ground for food sources indicated by mud shelter tubes can be an isolated nest or a subsidiary colony.  Subterranean termites obtain their moisture mostly from the soil, and in this way they maintain the colony’s humidity and also use.

Damp wood- Nests in damp wood either trees or timber landscaping – the timber is usually being attacked by fungal decay found in damp sub-floors and landscaping timbers.

Dry wood- Nests in dry wood. Termites do not require external water sources and obtain their water from the timber in which they feed, attacking timbers in buildings that are at equilibrium moisture content.  Difficult to control.    


The Systems designed to prevent termites from entering to the buildings.  chemical or physical termite barrier products designed to protection the building from entering termite to the building and some time in the building the use both physical and chemical.

chemical barrier

chemical Barrier is designed to prevent termites  from entering to the home. It will give you faster  results for treatment.                                                 

We have tow tip of chemical in the market.

repellent chemical, termites will detect and sense the chemical and find another entry point to the building.                                                                                                                                  None repellent chemical, the termite can’t detect or sense, taste or avoid the chemical for entering into the building. chemical barrier is designed to last no more than  8 TO 10 years.                 

Termite baiting  

We can place termite bait directly into  the ground around the outside of a building for protection. 

The termite will sense and detect bait and feed on it and die we have the deferent termite baiting in the market for example exterra, nemesis or centricon all this bait station placed in ground around building 

for protection. Some of bait station for termite treatment use for above ground, to eliminates  termite  infestation.                

Physical termite barrier

Physical Termite Barriers can be installed underneath the concrete slab and the wooden framing of the property for a protection of the building.

If the concrete slab cracks this physical termite barrier can protect the slab from termite and moisture for interning to the building.  

Termite reticulation system     

A termite reticulation system installs the series pipe between the soil, and the slab around building for a protection against a termite attack. The reticulation system can be replenished repeatedly with a chemical every couple of years.    

Termite inspection

To provide protection and to prevent termite’s from entering your building, termite inspection will be required. Annual timber pest inspections and regular, will be able to protect  your home from risks of  termite attacks.  

One of the biggest and most expensive decisions in life is to buy a home. Purchasing a home is not easy and signing a contract without knowing the building conditions can be very stressful.

You could save a lot of money with our termite pre-purchase inspection. Our technician is fully qualified and highly experienced, and we use the latest termite inspection detection technology to provide the best pest inspection in Sydney, we offer complete services inspection and affordable a treatment by licensed pest technicians.

Termite services
  • Termite barrier chemical soil treatment.
  • Pre-construction’ termite treatments.
  • Termite monitoring and baiting systems.
  • Termite inspection.
  • Pre-purchase’ inspection.
  • Termite reticulation systems.
  • Sub floor ventilation systems.
  • Termite prevention. 


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