Termite Management

Termites are a destructive pest. It's important to have regular and thorough inspections of your home to detect the early signs of termite activity and infestation. Termites can cause major structural and economic damage to your homes and commercial buildings by eating the inside of the structure and leaving only a thin shell for protection from the outside environment. It is essential that timber pest technician are able identify termite. Termites can be divided into three categories:


  • Nest normally found underground, in buildings, under patios and in the base of trees.
  • The workings between underground tunnels and above ground food sources indicated by mud shelter tubes.
  • Can be an isolated nest or a subsidiary colony.


  • Nests in damp wood either trees or timber landscaping - the timber is usually being attacked by fungal decay.
  • Found in damp subfloors and landscaping timbers.


  • Nests in drywood.
  • Normally in tropical climates.
  • Doesn't need ground contact or water supply
  • Difficult to control

Our service includes:

  • Termite inspection.
  • Termite barrier chemical soil treatment.
  • Pre-purchase inspection.
  • Pre-construction termite treatments.
  • Termite monitoring and baiting systems.
  • Termite reticulation systems.
  • Subfloor ventilation system .

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